Woodpecker Feeding on Fat Ball

Tips for Feeding Garden Birds

There is nothing more beautiful than nature, especially in your own back garden. Feeding and getting to know wild birds as they enjoy your outside space gives you a great sense of satisfaction and the excitement of seeing them flock back to your garden year after year in search of a tasty treat. By visiting a high quality bird seed supplier and choosing the right food there are many benefits to allowing wild birds to live in harmony with your family, including;



Bird watching provides hours of education and fascination to people of all ages, especially children or people with limited mobility and allows them to enjoy the company of many common garden birds including sparrows and woodpeckers all with different colours, songs and behaviour. As your garden becomes an established feeding area you will pique the interest of rarer birds.


Insect and weed control

Attracting a variety of birds to your garden means they will naturally eat insects, worms, snails, seeds baring undesirable flowers and weeds, along with the bird seed you leave out; this provides safe, natural pest and weed control.


Protect wildlife and gain outdoor “pets”

Feeding garden birds is a good way to provide food and give something back to the environment. A lot of natural bird habitat is destroyed by landscape development to make way for homes. Birds lose nesting areas, shelter and natural food sources during this process. You will acquire outdoor “pets” that you will begin to recognise by personality or markings without the mess or vet bills.


As rewarding as this pastime is, it’s important to remember not all birds are alike when it comes to food; varying in size, beak shapes and with a range of dietary requirements. The best way to get off on the right foot with your new hobby and feathered friends is by visiting a quality bird seed supplier, where you will receive the best advice and UK bird seed depending on your garden and the wildlife that inhabit it.


Below are some tips on how to feed wild birds correctly:
  • Use the highest quality UK wild bird seed mixes which vary seasonally to meet the nutritional needs of birds at any time of year.


  • Offer a variety of food depending on feeding preferences and the dietary requirements of different breeds.


  • Check feeders are in good condition and sterilise them regularly to avoid any diseases spreading among birds.


  • Create a bird friendly atmosphere by doing what you can to deter cats or other predators. This will make birds feels safe and secure and ensure they revisit.


  • Be sure to purchase the correct feeders to accommodate the birds who regularly visit your garden and protect them from other wildlife such as squirrels or mice by using a feeder guard.


By adhering to the above steps you will have a wild bird friendly garden in no time and reap the many benefits bird feeding brings for many years to come.