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Attracting Goldfinches Into Your Garden


The goldfinch is a beautiful small bird that is native to Europe, Asia and Africa, they are typically approximately 12-13cm in size and with a wingspan average of around 23cm. At first glance it is difficult to identify genders, but the male goldfinch has a larger red mask that extends to behind the eye.


These beautiful little birds are a joy to see and we provide some tips on how you can attract them to your English garden in the next paragraph. The goldfinch is from the Carduelis carduelis group and specifically the British goldfinch is categorised as Carduelis carduelis Britannica. These small finches prefer small seeds such as those from the thistle, their natural choice of food in the wild but will also feed on small insects.


Attracting these little birds to your garden can be achieved several ways, if you are happy enough to plant teasels, these form of thistle grow quite tall and in summer will bloom in pale purple flowers and will attract bees and other insects but in Autumn and beyond, once the heads have dried out, they are a firm favourite for the goldfinch who like to grasp onto the teasel and pick out the seeds with their beaks.


Another method is a small body of water such as miniature pond with or without a fountain that will attract small insects these are again a delicacy for the British goldfinch who will feast on these miniature morsels. Our final tip and probably the most easiest is the use of a hanging feeder, however if you are intent on attracting goldfinches you are best opting for the smaller seeds and ensuring you buy a feeder that is specifically aimed at smaller birds is the best way to bring these beautiful birds into your garden.