Feeding Birds All Year Round

RSPB and BTO guidelines suggest feeding the birds all year round, it is still best not to provide whole peanuts in the nesting season, as these may be to large for young birds, supply them in a wire feeder so that only small pieces can be removed. Think about providing different foods to attract different species at different times of the year.


Many finches that generally feed on seeds, actually feed there young on insects in the breeding season. You can help birds at this time by providing them with meal worms or other insect foods, in dry periods natural foods like worms may be difficult for them to find, and in wet periods the same can apply to caterpillars.


Winter thrushes such as Fieldfare and Redwing come to Britain in the autumn from Scandinavia and stay until the spring, they can be attracted to gardens if you provide them with fruit such as apples, particularly towards the end of their stay, when natural food may be hard to find.


It is also important to feed consistently, particularly in the winter, birds may come to rely on your garden as a food source and may travel some distance to get there. Valuable energy could be wasted in travelling to a food source that isn't there.