Premium Fat Balls

Our premium fat balls are the best high energy products on the market. With their comprehensive mix of high energy suet, quality wild bird seeds and oils they are the ideal food to provide your garden birds with energy to keep them healthy during winter months.

Fat balls bird food are an essential food source for your garden birds during cold periods when high nutritional and energy foods are in short supply. They will attract a variety of birds species to your feeding station and help sustain them during difficult times.

Suets and fats may melt or deteriorate at high temperatures and so it is not advisable to use this product during the summer times. Ideal feeding months are October through to March.  During other periods use a comprehensive wild bird seed mix such as our Bronze, Silver and Gold mixes. Our fat balls are supplied loose in one large tub. Avoid using nylon netting bags to hold the Fat balls as these can trap and injure birds. Instead use a fixed metal feeder or freestanding.


Fat balls are made from high quality suet mixed with a quality bird seed blend.  Ideal for winter feeding.



  • High Energy Suet

  • Mixed Seeds

  • Oil


Fat balls attract: Blue tits, Great tits, Coal tits, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. View our Wild Bird Gallery here.