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Attracting Great Spotted Woodpecker Into Your Garden


As the name suggests the Great Spotted Woodpecker is part of the woodpecker family and can be found throughout Europe and Northern Asia. This beautiful bird has seen an increase in Britain and is between 9-10 inches in length and sporting a wingspan of 15-17 inches. The Great Spotted Woodpecker is predominantly black and white on its neck and face and can be easily recognised by its black stripe across its face to the beak, large white shoulder patch and black and white barred flight feathers. Along with these distinctive markings you will notice its legs and beak are grey with a crimson chest plumage. The Great Spotted Woodpecker is approximately the same size of the common blackbird.

Attracting the Great Spotted Woodpecker to your garden which is usually a woodland bird but do set out to forage, a firm favourite of this beautiful bird is peanuts and using these in either metal feeders or in fat blocks are a great way of encouraging them to come to your garden. Once you have successful visits there is more than a good chance that the Great Spotted Woodpecker will bring along their young to teach them how to break open the peanuts.


The most popular time for them to come along to your garden is usually early summer and you should see these woodpeckers around six months of the year as a regular visitor once you have established a regular feeding regime for them. Fortunately because of their steady increase of numbers since the 1990s they are a common sight in gardens that offer peanuts that are situated near woodlands of where they primarily reside.