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Attracting Bullfinches Into Your Garden


The common bullfinch is a small bird of only 6 inches and a wingspan of 9-12 inches, this little British bird is known as the Eurasian Bullfinch but usually in the UK we just call them the Bullfinch. The male has a grey back, its wings and head are black and has red cheeks and underparts and finally a white bottom. The female is pretty much similar to the male but differs with a brown back and a pink rather than red underparts and cheeks. Their natural habitat are woodlands and dense brush and undergrowth where they can avoid winged predators.


The pure beauty and colours of both the male and female bullfinch make them a perfect choice of bird to attract to you garden and their song is more of a quiet warble but you are more likely to hear them sing a “phew” noise. They predominantly live on a diet of insects, berries and seeds, including nettle, bramble and ash and they do favour buds. When it comes to attracting the bullfinch to your garden the most effective method is using hanging seed feeders as well as suet cake of which they do like to pick at.


The great news for us and the bullfinch is that although their numbers had declined and their numbers had diminished by more than half due to the lack of suitable habitats they are now on the incline and have moved from red to amber on the species list of endangered birds. So remember when attracting this beautiful bird to your garden, plenty of suet cake and hanging seed feeders.