Information & Advice on Feeding Wild Birds


We want you to enjoy feeding wild birds as much as we do! Get the most of of your bird feeding by reading through this collection of handy hints, tips and articles.

Attracting the Great Spotted Woodpecker to Your Garden

As the name suggests the Great Spotted Woodpecker is part of the woodpecker family and can be found throughout Europe and Northern Asia. This beautiful bird has seen an increase in Britain and is between 9-10 inches in length and sporting a wingspan of 15-17 inches.

Attracting Bullfinches Into Your Garden

The common bullfinch is a small bird of only 6 inches and a wingspan of 9-12 inches, this little British bird is known as the Eurasian Bullfinch but usually in the UK we just call them the Bullfinch.

Attracting Goldfinches Into Your Garden

The goldfinch is a beautiful small bird that is native to Europe, Asia and Africa, they are typically approximately 12-13cm in size and with a wingspan average of around 23cm.



How to feed wild birds

Feeding wild birds can be quite hard to do, especially if you don’t have the right expertise and knowledge. This is why we have created a simple and helpful tutorial that comes with a few pointers related to feeding wild birds the right way...

Benefits of feeding wild birds

Feeding birds can take a lot of time, money and commitment, however many of us continue to do it. There are numerous reasons behind this, and the most obvious comes from the fact that you can check out the birds while feeding, admiring all their natural beauty as they feed...

Fat Balls: the ideal choice for winter

There are a number of products that you can provide to birds to ensure that they stay in good health and excellent condition but there are many reasons why fat balls bird food is the ideal choice when looking to feed birds...

By visiting a high quality bird seed supplier and choosing the right food there are many benefits to allowing wild birds to live in harmony with your family...

As the name would suggest, there is no mess with this style of bird seed, which is great if you are the person responsible for looking after the area where the seed is placed. On one level, waste such as uneaten shells or casings can make the area look untidy, this can detract from the pleasure that someone takes from looking at birds eating or the outside area of their property.

RSPB and BTO guidelines suggest feeding the birds all year round, it is still best not to provide whole peanuts in the nesting season, as these may be to large for young birds, supply them in a wire feeder so that only small pieces can be removed. Think about providing different foods to attract different species at different times of the year...

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