About UK Wild Bird Food

Our Philosophy

As specialists in high quality wild bird food we can offer you a broad range of seed mixes which cater to an wide variety of UK bird species. 


Our wild bird seed is an essential source of nutrition and sustenance providing energy to birds throughout the year.


Whilst there are many varieties of seed mixes available on the market, not all types will appeal to every bird. Therefore choosing the appropriate variety to mix is key to either maintaining the bird species you currently have visiting your garden or attracting new ones.  With our high quality blends you can ensure that every bird that visits your garden will get the balanced diet they need.

Our Passion

Choosing the most desirable wild bird feed for your local birds is the easiest way to ensure you begin seeing an increase in feathered friends to your garden. 


This is because using the correct variety of seeds will enhance feeding activity amongst bird groups which in turn will attract the attention of more species of birds from further a field.  Once they start to investigate the garden and the current bird seed you have on offer, you may consider adding a more comprehensive blend which may appeal to them more alongside the regular choice to keep them coming back.


A higher quality of food, such as that found in our Gold wild bird seed, will appeal to a broader range of birds, but of course our full range of mixes will offer all the nutrition any number of local birds could need to get them through the seasons.

Our Vision

Choosing a premium bird food will help sustain them with the high energy and nutrition needed to keep them strong and healthy throughout the year, but another consideration to make is the preference that different birds have for certain shaped bird seeds.  Generally, their choice of seed is dependent on their beak shape and as such, our wild bird food come in a range of sizes, shapes and mixes and to appeal to any number of wild birds. 


Our passion for wildlife here at UKBirdSeed.co.uk underlies our commitment to provide you with premium bird food, and our excellent value for money also ensures great prices on our top quality bird food every time.  With free delivery  throughout the UK, and online savings on our most nutritious wild bird seed combinations, we can help you attract new birds to your garden every season, and ensure that they keep coming back year on year, without breaking the bank.